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BreezeE is an IT company originated in Tallin, Estonia, started working in 2013.  Started as a small studio and grew to a multinational company with rich resources all over Europe.


BreezeE connects teams and professionals from all over the world. We are proud of our teams that have worked side by side with the largest publishers and developers.

We control every step of the working process. BreezeE is responsible for the quality of all results. High standards and top-notch products are our main priority.

There are plenty of other agencies, so why clients choose us? We are not just creating a product, we are constantly looking for new approaches and solutions to exceed your expectations.

Gods Unchained
Game design
Seize the Imperium
Dragons of Internal
Iocus Arcanus
Game design
Books for ‘Kindergo’
Fantasy characters for RPG games



BreezeE have been a fundamental part of our outsourcing process for Gods Unchained. They have been exceptionally reliable, communicative and have always produced great illustration and content for us. They have been great to work with!

Christiaan Gerritsen

Art Director for Gods Unchained
BreezeE was able to adjust to Game's already stablished art style and create visually great fantasy weapons for Forest Knight. They were able to understand the setting very well and modified the Items to our wish. I will definitely be going to come back to them for future collaborations due to their quality of work, time management, and communication skills

Behfar Iranmanesh

Founder of Chrono Games
We commissioned BreezeE to create a steampunk-style cover for our blog. We wanted the image not only to look good, but to contain more or less hidden references to various technologies which we use and which are covered on our blog, as well as a windmill - which is associated with our company name (SoftwareMill). And we got exactly what we were looking for. I definitely recommend the services of BrezeE, not only due to the quality of their work but also great communication and timeliness.

Adam Warcki

CTO and co-founder of 'SoftwareMill'
Very detail oriented. Able to meet the job vision, and make changes as requested. Very prompt completion of the contact! Very client focused. They will make it right!

Christopher Smith

CEO at 'Seize The Imperium'
WOW, once again, BreezeE team proves to be one of great talents in her field. When things go a little off track, they chin up and listens carefully to get exactly the artwork you have in mind. This is the second time I have worked with them and I will definitely be working with this studio again in the future! Do yourself a favor and give her a shot at your project, they might exceed your expectations!

Sean Greene

Independent writer
BrezeeE produces high quality work, contributed great creative insight, and was patient with changing requirements as they came in. Our project would not be successful without them! Definitely glad we hired them. Our entire team loves the style and attention to detail.

Anthony Tedjamulia

CEO at 'Mighty Pwnage Entertainment'
I cannot recommend BrezeE highly enough. They always came back to check at regular stages if the work was how I wanted it, then we worked together to change minor things at the end. They wanted the piece to be perfect and I am happy to say I am one very satisfied customer. They are now currently working on another project for me and if you hire them you will not be disappointed.

Paul Spicer

Children's writer, author of 'Goggee'
It was really great working with BreezeE. My abilities to create anything visual are horrific, and they managed to work off my poor guidance. Every step of the way we were blown away with the results. Couldn't be happier.

Jake Brysha

Founder of 'The Fungus' band



We are dreamers who work with dreamers. 

We believe in the importance of unique and original ideas. That's why we listen carefully and help customers go all the way from the original idea with the final product.

We have hundreds of customers with who think different, believe in their ideas. Our teams tried not only to support their initiatives but also to reveal their potential, make dreams come true.


And dozens of satisfied customers give us confidence that we know what we're doing!


Game Design

BreezeE offers complex solutions for independent developers and gaming companies to create unrivaled gaming experiance. Our artists provide a full cycle of game design, from prototypes to the final product.

Want a unique style for your game? Have original and unique ideas?

Not every company can be proud of so many highly qualified resources and teams. Just let us know and find the perfect team for your project We are personally responsible for the quality of the product provided.


Have you been carrying out the idea of a new design for a long time? Do you dream to create your own comic book?

We love to fulfill the dreams of creative people. Our artists perform all kinds of illustrations and artworks in different styles. They work carefully to listen and visualize your idea

Game Development

Our teams are familiar with all the nuances of game development. Working with all popular technologies and game engines, we are ready to complete your project with the highest standards.

Web Design

It's not a secret that a website is the face of every company. Our designers understand this more than anyone.

We offer you amazing design and intuitive UI/UX to create amazing brand for your website!


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